Difference between Robo Advisor & iFlip Algorithmic Intelligence (A.I.)

Many people have asked what the difference is between iFlip and robo advisor companies like Betterment, Wealthfront or Wealthsimple. The answer is that iFlip is NOTHING like these robo advisor companies!

iFlip’s Algorithmic Intelligence (A.I.) - Risk Management

iFlip's A.I. uses complicated analysis on your stock positions DAILY. Yes you heard right-DAILY. The analysis of the system will automatically buy, sell or hold your stocks based on market performance.

For example, iFlip’s A.I. predicted a dip recently. Early August 2018 the system automatically sold iFlip's positions in the S&P 500. This saved customer investments from a -13.72% drop.

S&P500 algorithmic intelligence robo trading robo advisors example
“Results of platform users are different depending on date of account establishment and other factors. Results are hypothetical. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”

The A.I. had been analyzing daily movements of the market before it sold. In this situation it made the decision to sell positions based on a predicted market drop, which was fortunate for iFlip customers. The AI software will then analyze the S&P 500 for when it needs to buy back into the market. When it foresees growth it will automatically buy stock positions for gains. iFlip's customers don't have to do anything, but look at their reporting dashboard.

This type of A.I. cannot be found anywhere else. It has been developed using over 4 Billion dollars of investment funds for the last 30 years. iFlip is the 1st algorithmic intelligent software that gives the individual investor the ability to preserve, protect and grow their wealth without knowing anything about investing.

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What Robo Advisors Do - Rebalancing Strategy

Companies that use Robo Trading Advisors for automation use a strategy call rebalancing to keep their investments bringing stable returns. To keep it simple, rebalancing automatically buys and sells stocks in your portfolio when your investments become unbalanced from your initial set allocations. Here's an example of rebalancing.

Rebalancing comes in 3 steps.

Rebalancing robo advisors robo trading stocks example

Step 1. You invest $200 | $100 in Portfolio A (50% of Investments) and $100 in Portfolio B (50% of Investments).

Rebalancing robo advisors robo trading stocks example

Step 2. Wait One Month | Portfolio A grows to 150$ (60% of Investments) and Portfolio B stays at $100 (40% of Investments).

Rebalancing robo advisors robo trading stocks example

Step 3. Robo Advisor Rebalancing | Robo Advisor automatically sells $25 in Portfolio A, changing it to $125 (50% of Investments) and buys $25 of Portfolio B changing it to $125 (50% of Investments).

*Result. The Investments Are Rebalanced | Both portfolios are back to a 50% split of total investment value.

iFlip doesn’t believe that rebalancing is an effective tool to preserve, protect and grow wealth. The key to good returns is investing in what is successful and managing the risk for higher returns.

Robo Advisors are not able to do this with their automation. This is the big difference between iFlip and Robo Advisors. Currently iFlip is the only software in the world that gives individuals the ability to use A.I. to protect and grow their wealth through automation. It has the power to actually manage the risk on your investments.

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