Mobile Phone App
A.I. Stock Trading Investment App

Soon we’ll release the iFlip mobile share trading app. For the 1st time it will give anyone the ability to start investing without knowing anything about investing. The high tech and simple design will allow anyone to do the following for free:

Intelligent Algorithms.

Let the software trade for you.*

Trade Stocks.

Make trades with the swipe of a finger.

Fractional Share Trading.

Make partial trades of stocks.

The 1st software app that manages your stock investments for you. 

As a result, it buys, sells and holds based on daily algorithmic results to maximize investments.  No need for experience or stock knowledge.  It is automatic.  Simple.

Professional trading done for you.

This goes beyond any robo-trader or robo-advisor, the automated technical analysis and trading saves you time and then gives you reporting on how well you're doing over time.  

Do it on your own.

If you like trading and analyzing on your own, it also gives you the ability to trade commission free with the ability to trade fractional shares, which other apps like Robinhood don't allow you to do.  

Simple.  All from your phone.  Oh did we mention, the app is free.  Sign up now!