How To Make Investing Simple And Easy

Investing: Choose a couple of stocks you know and like. Buy them. Worry every time they go down a bit. Sell them at a loss. Then watch as they become profitable over the next few days, weeks, months or years! Isn’t that how it goes?

Read on and see how writers have shown investing is simple, but never easy. With the advantage of iFlip, let’s see if we can make it both.

Practicing Finance

On HumbleDollar, Jonathan Clements refers to the book, “The Four Pillars of Investing” by William Berstein, who wrote, “We live in this mystical state where everybody thinks they can practice finance. But you shouldn’t practice without understanding the science of finance.”

He then lists four elements making up that science as: investment theory, history, psychology, and the business of investing. Explaining further, he notes, “The most important of those four pillars is investment theory—and the most important concept is that risk and reward are inextricably linked.”

Clements asks, “When are rewards likely to be greatest? When the danger also seems great.”

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Rewards And Danger

Danger and the possible rewards happen when things look awful. When there’s a big drop, a reset in the market or even a crash. That’s the danger and the possibility for the greatest rewards.

Can iFlip mitigate the danger and still offer rewards? Why, yes, they can! By using machine learning back-end technology, iFlip’s A.I. offers smarter protection when there’s danger in the market.


Think about the market crashes that have happened in your life. Most recently, March 2020. Crashes aren’t scheduled. And if you had money in the market at that time, you probably lost some of it. 

However, iFlip’s A.I. has the power to preserve, protect and grow wealth for all investors. It does this by protecting your investment from large losses, reducing your risk in the market and growing your wealth over time.

See iFlip’s performance in the last 9 market crashes.

iFlip’s A.I. SmartFolios use the best algorithmic trading software, which buys, sells or holds your positions, not requiring any action on your part. The software will sell your investment shares and hold your money in cash during “risky times,” and will buy investment shares for you during “growth periods.”

Start Investing

Writing for Finance Buzz, Ben Walker suggests seven simple habits to become a successful investor. His first suggestion? Start investing. “It may sound crazy, but if you want to be a good investor you need to start investing,” writes Walker.

He encourages new investors to start the habit of investing by using investment apps. If you’re looking for the best stock app android or apple, iFlip’s automated trading software is available on their best mobile stock app.

Online Share Trading App

In the palm of your hand, you’ll have access to your investment accounts with iFlip’s online share trading app. You won’t need online financial advisors when you have iFlip’s A.I. SmartFolios with algorithmic trading software. They have a more sophisticated process on the back end than anything that exists on Wall Street.

Don’t confuse iFlip’s ease of investing with Robinhood’s investment games. Although both may look like ideal mobile stock trading apps, plenty of news stories tell of Robinhood’s problems. 

Investing games or a robo investment advisor aren’t necessary to build your wealth or make investing easier. iFlip offers a product that works better, is easier to use and costs less. 

Bottom Line

Walker advised, “Successful investors are focused on the long-term and the goals down the road. They stick with what they know and don’t stress about daily fluctuations. Instead, they focus on extended and consistent growth to reach their goals.

Invest for the long-term. Make investing simple and easy. Check out iFlip. Watch this short video. See how iFlip makes investing and personal retirement planning easier for you.

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