How iFlip’s AI Performed During The 2020 Crash

In your fantasy world, you’d invest your money in the stock market and by next week, it would double. The week after that, it would double again. And by the end of the year, you could quit your job and be a multi-millionaire.

In the real world, you invest your money in the stock market and by next week, you hope you still have some money left!

In your ideal world, you invest your money long-term, using a proven platform, where it loses less and the gains it makes grow dramatically. That’s what happens when you invest your money with iFlip.

In April 2020, iFlip showed the world the performance of using Algorithmic Intelligence (AI) compared to the S&P 500 (Market). Using simple mathematical algorithms, iFlip’s AI portfolios continuously beat the S&P 500, generally considered a standard for the stock market. 

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iFlip’s AI Performance

The chart below shows the performance of three of iFlip’s AI portfolios compared to the S&P 500 over the last 12, 24 and 36 months.

Over the last 12 months, the S&P 500 lost 8.75%. Compare that with three iFlip AI portfolios, where your account would have increased between 3.46% and 14.64%! Would you rather lose almost nine percent or gain a minimum of three and a half percent?

Even as the economy struggled and the market dropped because of government shutdowns, the investments held in iFlip’s AI portfolios were protected. You see, positions are analyzed daily using the best algorithmic trading software and the human emotions of trading removed. 

The percentages gained over the last two to three years are even more impressive for the iFlip portfolios

Not so with the S&P 500 or those following the market. They would’ve lost up to two years of what they had gained. Thirty-six months ago, those S&P 500 accounts showed an increase of 9.34%. Over the next year, they were down -2.05%. The following year saw a loss of another -8.75%. 

Crash Risk Management- How It Works

The advice of “Buy low and sell high” is still true, but human emotions can cause panic and the reverse happens. This makes you lose money in your investments and trading. Because AI is simply math, the emotions are removed and the automated trading software can analyze positions daily. Then, the system will automatically buy, sell or hold the stocks in your portfolio.

This chart shows how AI protected wealth during the 2020 crash.

The chart shows you how in November, AI sold stock investments in the S&P 500. Even though the market continued to mostly climb, three months later, the market crashed losing 32.3%.

When it was low, the best algorithmic trading software bought back stock investments in the S&P 500. Thus, it was able to Sell High and Buy Low, limiting risk, lessening losses and protecting gains.

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The Algorithmic Intelligence at iFlip is designed to lose less so your account can grow more wealth. The automated trading software of AI protects wealth by predicting and selling positions before large drops and grows wealth during profitable times. And it’s available without cost on the best stock market app for android and iOS.

Using iFlip’s mobile stock trading app, you can easily check on your portfolios. This remarkable mobile stock app uses the same algorithmic trading software found on iFlip’s desktop version.

However, this can’t be thought of as a get-rich-quick-scheme. iFlip’s AI is designed to reduce your risk and grow your wealth over time.

Let iFlip and the best algorithmic trading software help you attain your ideal world. Where the money you invest, loses less and grows your wealth. Pop over to iFlip and learn more about how to preserve, protect and grow your wealth.

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