How AI Investing Makes The Average Person More Wealthy – Preserve, Protect, and Grow Your Wealth.

If you are looking for an automated and easy way to make stock market investments, then there’s nothing better than iFlip’s stock trading software. Why is that? iFlip makes it possible for anyone—experienced or not—to profitably trade the stock market without any confusing fees or middlemen.

iFlip is the only retirement and stock investment trading technology app that uses algorithmic intelligence (AI) to buy, sell, and hold stocks (daily). It leverages intelligent algorithms to make accurate predictions about the market.

To help people understand how iFlip can help them to preserve, protect, and grow their wealth, we will take you through the natural progression of investing for Joe, a regular blue-collar employee.

Beginning – Joe Knows He Needs to Invest – Stock Trading

Joe had some money in his savings account that he could spare for investment purposes. He decided to invest this money in the stock market. However, Joe quickly got fazed by the fact that he had to work a full-time job, give time to family, and learn how to trade the stock market—all at the same time!

The Search for an Investment ‘Service Provider’

Realizing the magnitude of the task in front of him, Joe started searching for ‘service providers’ who could help him invest his money. Ultimately, he decides to take help from the ‘big banks’ at Wall Street. Companies like Vanguard, Charles Schwab, Fidelity…etc. In exchange for their services, the banks make Joe commit to different types of fees in order to trade for him.

Joe is happy about his decision because he feels safe.  Until 2007-2009 when the stock market crashes and he loses a large chunk of his invested money (30-40%). The bank assures him that his investment is secure, and he will get his money back in 5 to 7 years.

Although Joe is frustrated, he starts to blame it on his misfortune and even thinks to himself that maybe this is just how “investing in the stock market works”! After time passes, he starts to wonder if there is another way to invest.  Everyone says that you need to follow the market it is best, but he’s looking for a way that will not lose him most of his wealth when the stock market crashes. This is when he is introduced to AI investing or the use of an algorithmic intelligent investment software.

The Ugly Truth About Stock Trading – AI Investing Only Exclusive to Institutional Billionaires

Joe is not aware of this yet, but institutional billionaires have already found a way to prevent losses when the stock market crashes. They have hired the smartest traders to build a technology that automatically trades their money for them.  This innovative software replaces humans with Algorithmic Intelligence or AI.  This AI technology does investment analysis and trades automatically without any human involvement.

At this point, you may ask, “If there is a way to prevent losses when the stock market crashes, why hasn’t everyone like Joe been using it?” The answer is simple: the AI technology for this purpose has been exclusive to the super wealthy or professional traders…until now.

Enabling AI Investing – iFlip An Architect’s Dream

One of the architects of the AI technology is Kelly Korshak, a Stanford graduate and a professional trader with 30+ years of experience.  He would watch thousands of people like Joe Smith lose their investments in market crashes.  He made it his mission to take this AI technology and bring it to everyone!

So, he teamed up with a passionate software entrepreneur Randy Tate to establish iFlip Investor, the first AI investment software for everyone.  iFlip is the on-ramp for everyone to invest their money securely and automatically through AI.  This cuts out big investment banks and their fees.

iFlip has made it possible for the likes of Joe (i.e. people who don’t have these institutional connections or professional traders) to access this AI investing technology.

Algorithmic intelligence (A.I) investing leverages intelligent algorithms to make accurate predictions about the market and minimize the risk of stock market losses.

Conclusion – Finding a Way to Live Better Through iFlip

iFlip makes it possible for people like Joe and others to have more time with his family and work because they no longer have to worry about pending stock market crashes or hidden fees eating at their hard-earned wealth. 

So, what are you waiting for? Free up your life and future by preserving, protecting and growing your wealth with iFlip Today!

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