Differences Between Men and Women Investors

Is there a difference in the investment style of men and women? Are men risk-takers and women cautious, seeking security? Investopedia rephrased the title of a bestseller by saying, “men buy shares from Mars and women have a savings account on Venus.”

Women Save And Men Invest

An article found on The Guardian reports, “An adage in the financial sector goes that women save and men invest—and this still rings true. It seems that even women who have money to put aside tend to squirrel it away rather than try to grow it.”

The article quotes Emma Maslin from the UK and founder of the Money Whisperer, who said, “The way money has been talked about online has typically been split. Women blog about being thrifty and frugal and men talk about investing and growing their wealth. A good way to start is thinking about what you would do if someone gave you £50.”

“I wouldn’t go out and use loads of coupons and try to make it go as far as possible. I would think: ‘What can I do with £50; what can I grow it into?’”

What Would You Do With An Extra $50?

Thinking about what you’d do with any extra money might point out your personal investment style. What did you do with your stimulus check? Spend it? Save it? Pay bills or invest it?

Information posted at SoFi Learn states, “Investing is critically important to achieving long-term financial goals—from saving for retirement to paying for children’s college education. That means any gender differences in this area would have massive implications for equality and financial security, especially since women tend to live longer than men.

As the American poet Carl Sandburg said, “Money is power, freedom, a cushion, the root of all evil, the sum of blessings.”

Investing Is Important

Studies have shown that “men are five times more likely than women to say that investing is their most important goal.” However, other studies prove that women investors outperform men. 

Reports by Fidelity and NASDAQ have summarized the different approaches to investing. High risk, relationships to money, long- or short-term investment strategies, or emotional investing. All of these come into play for the genders and their individual views on investing.

AI: Levels The Playing Field

What if you could remove those factors and level the playing field? Enter Algorithmic Intelligence (AI).

Algorithmic trading software has been used for years on Wall Street. By using algorithms, the big firms have traded their way to the top. iFlip’s desire to flip Wall Street trading on its head brought the best algorithmic trading software to you, the individual investor. 

Now, the smartest way to invest is even easier with algorithmic intelligence. This one-minute video shows how the automated trading software can trade for you. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, male or female, you can let the AI in the best algorithmic trading software limit your risk. And by limiting risk, you can lose less and let your account grow more.

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Even with the differences between men and women investors, AI solves the problem. Check out how iFlip’s AI can limit your risk, help you invest and build your retirement.

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