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iFlip’s Algorithmic Intelligence (A.I.) Performance

Everyone is asking how iFlip’s A.I. compared against the S&P 500 (SPY), also known as “The Market,” during the 2020 March Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crash. On the graph below, you’ll see that iFlip's primary A.I. portfolios dramatically beat out the S&P 500.

2020 Crash 2
(Chart & Article Published: April 1, 2020) “Results of platform users are different depending on date of account establishment and other factors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.”

Those who bought and held the market would’ve lost up to two years of gains. iFlip’s A.I. manages the risk as it sells/buys investments based on the volatility in the market. It’s based simply on mathematics. In every case, you’ll find that iFlip’s A.I. beat the market. The primary goal of A.I. is to lose less, so your account can grow more wealth.

2020 Crash A.I. - Risk Management Strategy - How It Works

2020 Crash Data 3
Publication Date of Chart & Article: April 1, 2020

iFlip 2020 Market Crash Chart

iFlip's A.I. analyzes invested stock positions DAILY. Based on the results of the analysis, the system will automatically buy, sell or hold stocks.

Recently, iFlip’s A.I. predicted a dip. In Early August of 2018 the iFlip's tactical model automatically sold iFlip's positions in the S&P 500 (SPY). This saved customer investments from a -13.72% market drop just shortly thereafter.

Our A.I. protects wealth by predicting and selling positions before large drops and grows wealth during profitable times.

The Secret Sauce of iFlip - A.I. Stock Trading Sofware

The only way to truly protect and grow wealth is to build in a system that can manage the risk for investing. This is why iFlip exists today. iFlip's A.I. technology managed risk for over 4 billion dollars of bank and fund investments.

The outcome is a sophisticated A.I. software designed to identify risk and leverage stock trading automation for better returns.

Many have said that you can't predict the stock market PERFECTLY. We totally agree. There's no way for any human to know EXACTLY when a crash is going to happen. However, iFlip's A.I. can help protect investments by getting close. Instead of selling the day before the crash, sometimes our A.I. sells days/weeks before a drop or even sell after it has begun. The A.I. is all about cutting losses, which is why we have seen our software sell before market drops time and time again. And the benefits of doing this are evident in the results. The software will miss out on small gains sometimes, but capitalizes by avoiding large losses. (See "iFlip 2020 Market Crash Chart")

A.I. Needs To Be A Long Term Investment Strategy

iFlip’s algos (A.I. or Algorithms) are designed to reduce your risk in the market and grow wealth over time. They alternate between cash positions and open positions – keeping your money in cash during “volatile times” while allowing open positions in “growth periods”. Cash is a position where the algo feels the market is “unsafe”. This means the algo is still analyzing the market awaiting a beneficial time to enter.

Remember, algos are designed to grow wealth OVER TIME. This means they are not a “get rich quick” or “day trading” play. Algos are not new. They have billions of dollars invested in them and are built on decades of experience. Their goal is to achieve long term gains with reduced risk. Thus, using them for short periods of time may not be as effective.

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Past performance is not indicative of future performance. iFlip data results assembled using various Flip algorithms applied to the equities listed on this webpage (if any). Results compiled for each equity and each algorithm assume a 10,000 initial investment beginning on Jan 1st 2005. A $0.01 / share commission applied. All iFlip price assumptions are based on the opening price of each day as found in Yahoo finance. Yearly NAV data points compiled by compounding annual returns using standard year over year accounting. S&P500 results are derived using the SPY as a proxy. The data on this webpage is not intended as a solicitation. Always seek professional advice for suitability.

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