Algorithmic Intelligence

iFlip Technology

iFlip has created an algorithmic intelligent software to risk manage investments funds for you. Other companies use simple algorithms and automation to move money periodically to balance portfolios. iFlip goes beyond balancing and manages (daily basis) the risk and execution of buying and selling stocks for maximum returns.

iFlip's Algorithmic intelligent Software

Chief Technology Officer Kelly Korshak is the brains of this algorithmic intelligence. He has created a process of rules that runs a daily technical analysis on your investments (IRA, 401K ROTH, Stocks…etc). The software will then automatically buy, sell and hold funds.

These algorithms were created from the same proven strategies that were used managing over 4 Billion dollars of Investments on Wall Street at Deutsche Bank, Brevan Howard and Tudor. This software allows iFlip to cut out the middle management fees and produce a high risk-adjusted returns.

Other Algorithmic Softwares

Other companies use something called robo-advisors or robo-traders. These algorithms put your money into different invested segments based on how you answer a financial survey. (See image)

They will periodically run checks on your accounts and buy and sell investments to keep the levels of your accounts equal to your initial survey results.

These types of algorithmic softwares can make sure your money is balanced, but are not able to use intelligent logic to manage your money. There’s no way for them to sell your holdings when it foresees a crash or buy stocks when there is a bull market.