Investing For You.

No Experience Needed.

No Confusing Fees.

No Middle Man.

iFlip is the only stock trading software of its kind to use algorithmic intelligence to buy, sell and hold for you — daily. This is a tier up from robo trading and other automated trading softwares.

Mobile Trading App Coming Soon

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Flipping Fees.
No Middle Management Fees.

Financial Investment or Retirement Accounts (Stocks, IRAs, 401Ks, ROTHs…) are usually run by brokerages and investment banks that charge up to 1-5% in all types of management fees. We've seen over 15 different types of fees they charge.

We’ve flipped the system. Cut all those hidden fees and replace them with 1 flat software fee.

Flipping Trades.
Algorithmic Intelligence Trading.

Our iFlip software was built for the next generation of investors. You no longer have to be an expert at trading. The proprietary algorithmic intelligence replaces investment managers. This is the middle man we're cutting out.

The algorithm uses proven strategies to cut losses by selling high, holding during uncertain times and buying when the market is hot. This is automated trading with algorithmic intelligence technology.

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Our Customers Won't Leave.

Our customers recognize the value of the software. We have a long track record of highly satisfied customers.

Mobile Phone App
Mobile Trading App Coming Soon

Soon we’ll release the iFlip mobile share trading app. For the 1st time it will give anyone the ability to start investing without knowing anything about investing. The high tech and simple design will allow anyone to do the following for free:

Intelligent Algorithms.

Let the software trade for you.

Trade Stocks.

Make trades with the swipe of a finger.

Fractional Share Trading.

Make partial trades of stocks.

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